Fotis Tsatsis

Εταιρία: Time Of Your Life


Fotis Tsatsis was born in Dortmund, Germany and started photography in the mid-zeros. He graduated from the Institute of Vocational Training of Athens in 2011 and since then he lived and worked in the capital of Greece.

In the same year he practiced in the cinematography and photography department of ERT ( Greek National Television ). He collaborated with the top music portal as a photojournalist photographing music events, music awards, interviews and concerts.

For a short period of time he photographed many music artists (musicians/singers) like DESPINA VANDI, ELLI KOKKINOU, KONSTANTINA, MALOU etc.

Lots of his photos have been published in greek magazines such as ATHENS VOICE, EPIRUS GLOBAL, DOWN TOWN, HELLO and PEOPLE. Also. his work has been included in the book THESSALONIKI 2012 by IANOS.

Alongside he was participating in various FIAP competitions winning many prizes and over 100 acceptances with 30 different images in 14 countries.

Nowdays, Fotis is capturing the best moments of our lives! NEW BORN, WEDDING, BAPTISM and PORTRAIT photography is actually the best moment of his talented work !