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Εταιρία: Tom Drones Aerial Cinematography

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The man behind Tom Drones is Panagiotis Tomadakis, a distinguished creative aerial cinematographer. In August 2017, his work was chosen as the Official Selection of the Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) Drone Film Festival, among the 35 best Drone Films in the World, presented by SanDisk. These were screened across 11 major cities in Australia and New Zealand from 24 September to 3 November 2017.

Previously, in September 2016, he was selected by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture to take aerial pictures and film for the first time the ancient port of Epidaurus. The aerial shooting that took place there was of significant historical importance because it revealed to the Ephorate of the Underwater Antiquities in Greece the existence of two ancient piers and it was the first official photography shooting of the “Sunken City” and the ancient Epidaurus port since the 1970s when Dr. Charalabos Krintzas (, Honorary Director of the National Hellenic Epigraphic Museum and Former Trustee of the Argolis Antiquities, shot the site from a hot air balloon.

Specializing in yachting, shipping & hotel promotional video production, extreme sports filming & photography, wedding aerial filmmaking, live broadcasting using Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) and landscape aerial photography, Panagiotis delivers a unique spectacle to viewers that is breathtaking. Currently, he is working on a windsurfing documentary that will be released in 2019. Panagiotis resides in Athens, Greece but undertakes projects worldwide.


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